Governor Chris Christie – Obama champion-in-chief?

My apologies, to all those who’ve checked in on this site over the past few days,  for the time since my last blog post although I hope that the various videos have both kept you entertained and informed. Starting a new job here in London can be rather hectic..!

We’re now into the final stretch of the 2012 US Presidential Election and, this time next week, we should know who will be sitting in the White House for the next four years. Barring, obviously, any last-minute debacles such as the recounts in Florida in 2000.

Superstorm Sandy has made herself known all across the East Coast in the past few days, leaving dozens dead and millions without power across a raft of states. President Obama was quick to suspend his campaign, declaring the states of New York and New Jersey disaster areas to enable them to receive emergency federal funding, before heading back to Washington to closely monitor the situation as well as speaking directly with elected officials, Republican and Democrat alike, in the affected areas. In possibly one of his greatest coups of the election, President Obama will today tour the damage in New Jersey with the state’s Republican Governor Chris Christie.

Governor Christie is not just a Republican however; he, as keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention in August, has been the party’s critic-in-chief of the Obama administration and is widely being touted at the 2016 Republican presidential candidate should Mitt fail this tie around.

“The federal government’s response has been great. I was on the phone at midnight again last night with the president, personally, he has expedited the designation of New Jersey as a major disaster area.”

“He gave me his number at the White House and told me to call him if I needed anything.”

Coming from the man who has made no efforts over the last four years to hide his dislike of the President, the resounding support for Barack Obama from Chris Christie is incredible. Coupled with his determination to be the President at this time of crisis, and Mitt Romney’s dogged attempts to turn the storm into a political event (especially in the key battleground state of Ohio), Obama has an opportunity to show millions of Americans exactly why he is the Commander-in-Chief.

As Governor Christie said, when asked on Fox News on Tuesday whether he would tour stricken parts of his state with the Republican nominee, “I have no idea, nor am I the least bit concerned or interested. I’ve got a job to do here in New Jersey that’s much bigger than presidential politics, and I could care less about any of that stuff.” Check out the video of him praising President Obama on Fox News earlier.

I think it’s worth pointing out that, as a candidate seeking the Republican part nomination, Governor Romney said that he would seek to return federal money back to the individual states and shut down FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, that is swinging into action to support New York and New Jersey after Sandy. Indeed, when asked the question by reporters at least eleven times whilst ‘campaigning’ today, the Governor would neither confirm nor deny that he would dismantle FEMA as President. Have a look at the video yourself:

Quickly looking at the national polls (separate blog post to follow on this), I’m still confident of an Obama victory on November 6th. Perhaps not as large as predicted, I need to revisit the polling data in depth, the electoral college should still swing for Obama; the popular vote remains to be seen. Ipsos/Reuters have conducted a poll (with the largest sample size of any recently taken) between the 26th and 30th October that places Obama ahead by a point which echoes that of a CBS/Times poll over the same period and a UPI/CVOTER that shows the same data. Only a few days ago Governor Romney had enjoyed a lead nationally of up to 5% in some polls; this was mostly buoyed by significantly strong support in the southern ‘red’ states. The change of the trends in the data might reflect growing support for the President in some of the more crucial swing states; the picture is not yet clear.

I want to look at four battleground states in particular; Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, and Virginia. In Florida three recent polls (JZ Analytics/Newsmax, PPP, and Quinnipiac/NYT/CBS) all have President Obama leading by a percentage point. Every single poll, with the exception of a Rasmussen study, has the President leading by at least 2 points and in some cases by a margin as wide as six points. Two recent polls in North Carolina (PPP, Elon) have Obama and Romney on exactly level-pegging in a state that should have been a clear win for the Republican candidate whereas, in Virginia, 7 out of the 10 most recent polls are plumping for Obama by margins of between +2% and +5%.

Ohio and Virginia seem to be following the trend of Pennsylvania (there are no polls available that have Romney leading in that state); this is clearly a worrying sign for the Republican challenger’s campaign team. Florida continues to be “too close to call” but the “Mitt-mentum” hasn’t managed to put the state into the red column; I continue to hold that the seniors and Latinos will come out in strong numbers for Obama and keep it blue.

The path to victory for Governor Romney looks so complicated, and often unnavigable, that it is hard to see how he can stage a victory in the electoral college. Superstorm Sandy really may have finally sunk Mitt’s battleship; the final push over the weekend will show the true state of the race.

13 thoughts on “Governor Chris Christie – Obama champion-in-chief?

  1. Okay folks, move along…nothing new to see here. Christie is just another Repugnant…I mean Republican opportunist who is firming up his resume for a probable 2016 run. Appearing in unity with a popular Dem prez gives you political creds for being a moderate. Again, nothing new to see here. Remember, He did this same thing at the Repugnant…I mean Republican convention, talking up HIS achievements and rarely mentioning Romomoney name.

    Also, it doesnt hurt to appear to be on the winning team, 6 days before a significant election in American history where the first African American president gets reelected to a second term.

    Christie has always known Mitt Romomoney never really had a chance in this race. Every person knowledgeable about politics knew it. The prime example of this is Mitts vice president candidate pick. The inside scoop is that many of the vp candidates declined Mitts offer. Old wide eyes Ryan was supposedly the 4th choice after Rubio, Christie and Portman declined. Apparently none of these men want to blow their political capital and potential as part of an unsuccessful prez run. So, old wide eyes Ryan was it. Think about it, would your first choice for vp be a political lightweight who cant even deliver his own state (like the similarly lightweight candidate himself) and who would malign seniors, an important block of your party?

    From the beginning Mitt never had a chance against Obama. The delusional, hate-filled tea party fringe of this dysfunctional party have been itching to get their clammy fingers on the presidency and this empty, shape-shifting, opportunist seemed their best chance of late because he stands for nothing and tows the line – any line – no matter how mindlessly extreme, or how directly counter to his previous stands. A “well oiled weather vane” as fellow primary candidate Huntsman put it.

    So, for all the hoopla generated by this 2012 election process, there really has never been any doubt that Obama would win reelection. Why do you think he was unchallenged in a Dem primary by anybody in his own party? Even the FEW smart caps in the Repug party knew to wait out this election cycle. Only the dumbos ran. For proof, look at the clownish Repug primary candidates, including Mitt himself.

    The only surprising outcome of this election would be if Obama wins by less than 320 electoral votes.

    Unfortunately for Christie and the Repugs, the Dems have A LOT of prime time candidates (Hilary Clinton, NY Gov Cuomo, Mass Gov Patrick, amongs many others) waiting in the wings who FAR overshadow anything the Repugs have to offer. You gotta give Christie credit, he knows he got his work cut out for him so he is starting his prez campaign as early as possible..

    Again, folks, keep it moving…nothing to see here…


  2. Thank you very much for Gov. Christie and President Obama that bipartisanship is still possible in America. Cooperation at its best! Now we know how bipartisanship really looks like. Now I want to hear Des Moines Register reiterate their claim that only Romney can possibly work across the aisle.🙂 By the way, I’ve written a similar post here:


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